Carbon 613 has challenged itself to earn 50,000 tonnes of GHG reduction commitments within three years. Our members have already pledged thousands of tonnes toward this target, with more to come!

What is the C613 Climate Quest?

The C613 Climate Quest is a separate challenge within the Carbon 613 Program.
Ottawa businesses will commit to reduce their GHGs collectively through the Quest.

The C613 Climate Quest will run from June 1, 2017 – June 1, 2020.

Why a Quest?

A collective goal will motivate members in the spirit of friendly competition to move on making concrete GHG reduction targets.

Who can participate?

The Quest is a challenge for Carbon 613 members. In order to participate, the business needs to join the program. All Carbon 613 member rules apply.

Carbon 613 program requirements: 

  • Members have 3 years from joining to set a GHG reduction target. This means that in theory, none of our members will be required to set a GHG reduction target until 2018 – we want to accelerate that.
  • Members must choose a baseline year. This year for most members, cannot go back further than 3 years. This means that most of our members will not have baseline years earlier than 2012, and to-date, most have 2016 baseline years.
  • Members set a 10-year GHG reduction target. So, if the member uses a 2016 baseline year, and they set a 20% reduction target, than they would have until 2026 to meet that target. For our reporting we would, based on the baseline year, convert this to an absolute CO2e number. This means that our members can either choose to talk about their targets in terms of percent reduction OR GHG reduction.

Details of the Quest

Ottawa businesses will collectively commit to reduce 50,000 tCO2e over ten years.

Timeline: The Quest will run from June 1, 2017 until June 1, 2020. The official launch happened on June 6, 2017 at the Carbon 613 Annual Evening of Recognition where several members announced their reduction targets.

What this requires members to do is:

  • Select a baseline year.
  • Evaluate their opportunities for reductions.
  • Commit to a reduction amount (or a percentage over 10 years) by 2020.
  • Report every year in the annual report on the actions they are taking to reduce.

What will happen?

  • C613 staff will convert the targets to an absolute number based on baseline data.
  • Add the member commitments together as they come in.
  • Promote and track how members are collectively doing with regards to the common goal.
  • Award badges to members for completing different phases of membership including: choosing a baseline year, entering a year of data into the system, setting a target, helping a member, hosting/speaking at an education session, and actual reductions. (this will be part of the regular program, but launched as part of the quest)
  • Report annually on their target and reduction progress

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