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Your Credit Union

Your Credit Union is a co-operative banking institution located in Ottawa and Cornwall. Your Credit Union is collectively owned by its members. As a credit union, we have no profit mandate, but we offer the same financial services that are expected from any financial institution. We follow principles of the International Cooperative movement, including open membership, economic participation, democratic member control, and a concern for the local community. Your Credit Union invests its profits into lower fees for its members as well as donating to local charities including: ALS Canada, The Cornwall Addiction and Mental Health Clinic, and Ontario Co-operative Young Leaders Camp. Environmental sustainability is an issue of concern for Your Credit Union.

Why did you join Carbon 613?

On behalf of our member owners, Your Credit Union wants to contribute to fighting climate change. Carbon 613 is of our key partners for this journey, providing us access to the latest tools and strategies, along with the great networking opportunity.

GHG targets or other major sustainability goals are you working on?

  • Our 2015-2018 Strategic Plan provides clear direction on our sustainability ambitions within our Quality of Life CSR Program
  • Your Credit Union’s partnership with Bullfrog Power will reduce our carbon footprint by over 145 tonnes

What kind of results have you seen?

  • Partnered with Lightenco, Arborus and Carbon 613 to improve lighting efficiency in Your Credit Union’s head office building
  • Hosted an Energy Walkthrough so that other Carbon 613 members could learn about building energy efficiency

What have been the top three benefits to your organization?

Communicating environmental success
Reduced energy use
Employee sustainability engagement

What support have you received from Carbon 613?

  • Help in developing the tracking and measuring tools in order to start to measure the financial return on sustainability investments
  • Assistance in connecting and collaborating with like-minded organizations across Ottawa
The greatest value of the Carbon 613 network results from bringing like-minded local businesses together to work on such a worthy project.

Your Credit Union

is one of over 200 businesses in the CoLab Network working to set and achieve sustainability goals. Together, we're demonstrating a more sustainable economy is possible.

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